Downloading and Setting Up the App


Compatible Mobile Devices

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad version 12 or higher)
  • Android (smartphones and tablets with version 8 or higher)

Before Using

To use oVice Go, you must first register as an oVice user using the web browser version of your computer. Please register as a user here:


Install the App on Your Mobile Device

For iPhone/Apple:
For Android:


Initial Login & Setup 

Login with email address/password

Best for: Those who have already registered as a member of oVice
  1. Open oVice Go
  1. Enter your email address/password and tap "Login"
  1. Select the space you want to access on the "Enter Space" screen

Login with public SSO

Best for: Those who log in using external services
  1. Open oVice Go
  1. Tap the button for the service you are using


Types of public SSO
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Apple
  1. Log in to the destination service
  1. Select the space you want to access on the "Enter Space" screen


Login by "Specific Workspace"

Best for: Those who use SAML2.0 authentication or those who want to access a specific workspace
  1. Open oVice Go
  1. Tap "Specify workspace"
  1. Enter the subdomain (○○ part of https://〇〇
  1. Login using the following method
      • Log in from the SAML authentication button set for each workspace



  • The list of "Joined Spaces" shows the spaces with admin/member privileges and the last three spaces you entered as a visitor.
  • Depending on the oVice space settings, you may be required to enter a separate space password or email address when accessing. These spaces cannot be accessed from oVice Go.
  • If you enter an incorrect password a certain number of times in a row, your account will be locked. In that case, please reset your password.
  • If you don't know your login password, you can do a Password reset.
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