Start a Meeting with Another User (Call Function) from oVice Go

Initiate a voice call/meeting with a specific user from mobile by using the Call function. In order to call another user, however, you will first need to be either inside a Meeting Room, or connected to a Meeting Object in the workspace. 


1. Open the User List



2. Select the meeting object or meeting room you wish to use from the user list

3. Tap Join Group  or Join Meeting Room



4. Tap Join for "Would you like to join ... ?" to enter the selected meeting room or connect to the meeting camera object. Your user record will now appear under that Meeting Room or Object in the User List.




5. Choose the person you want to talk to from the user list or search bar, and tap the Call button on their profile.

If the other party accepts the call, they will also be added to the room or object to which you are connected.



6. To talk, tap the microphone icon to enable your audio. For hands-free mobile conversations, tap the speaker icon to enable the speaker function on your mobile device.




You can check the capacity of the conference room on the right side of the conference room name. It is possible to invite users until the max capacity is reached.

Current number of people / Capacity (ex: 1/6 indicates 1 out of 6 max users are inside the selected meeting room)



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