Joining a Conversation or Meeting Room from oVice Go

It is possible to connect to conference rooms and meeting objects installed in the workspace from a mobile device and participate in the conference.

Note: when you respond to a "call" from another user, you are automatically connected to the conference room or meeting object.

Follow the instructions below yo manually join a meeting in the workspace.


1. Open the User List



2. Select the meeting object or meeting room you wish to use from the user list

3. Tap Join Group  or Join Meeting Room



4. Tap Join for "Would you like to join ... ?" to enter the selected meeting room or connect to the meeting camera object. Your user record will now appear under that Meeting Room or Object in the User List.



5. To talk, tap the microphone icon to enable your audio. For hands-free mobile conversations, tap the speaker icon to enable the speaker function on your mobile device.



When the meeting room is full

Each meeting room has a capacity. You can check the number of seats on the right side of the meeting room name. If the meeting room is already full, you will not be able to enter.

If the meeting room is locked

Each meeting room can be locked from the inside. Tap Request Entry to enter the locked meeting room. You can enter the room if the members in the meeting room receive the notification and allow entry.


When connection authority does not apply

Fixed meeting objects are preconfigured with administrator/member/visitor connection permissions. A lock symbol appears next to the object name if the user does not have permission to connect.
In that case, you will not be able to connect to the meeting object and speak, but you will be able to hear the conversation.





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