Check and Send Chats from oVice Go

Accessing the Chat Thread

1. Tap the Chat icon



Note: If you receive a chat addressed to you (direct message), you may tap the notification sent to your smartphone to open the chat screen automatically.


Sending a Chat Message

  1. Tap the Chat icon
  1. Enter your message in the text area. Use the @ symbol to send direct messages to individuals.
  1. Tap the Send button



You can "Like" another user's chat by clicking the Like button that appears next to their chat.




Viewable Number of Chats:

Chat Type # Saved Entries Chat Visibility
Public Last 20 Entries Chats are visible to everyone in Open Spaces
Direct Message (@ mention) Last 100 Entries Chats are visible only to those included in the @ mention


@Mention (direct message) chat retention period:

Chats can be viewed for the past 3 months 
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