View Other Users' Screen Shares in oVice Go

You can view screens being shared by the other users sharing content from the browser/web app.
Note: screen sharing currently cannot be performed from the oVice Go mobile app.

Accessing Shared Screens

1. When you connect to the meeting object, the person who started screen sharing will be displayed in the user list → Select the object name you want to join (want to see the screen).


2. Tap Join Meeting Room (or Join Group if connecting to a Meeting Object)



3. A pop-up window will ask Do you want to join...?

Tap Join



4. If successful, your avatar will appear in the list beneath the Meeting Room or Object as shown below.




5. After entering the room, tap the Screen Share icon  at the bottom of the screen.




6. Transition to the "Screen Share" screen


If a Screen Share is Available

The user name of the member who is sharing and the shared screen are displayed. By selecting a username, you can choose which user's shared screen you want to see.




If a Screen Share is Not Available

Message No screenshare available will be shown.




  • Screenshares can only be viewed if the person sharing their screen from the web app is also connected to a meeting object  or is inside a meeting room. Screenshares created using the screenshare object alone in the workspace are not viewable for mobile app users.
  • Only one screen share can be displayed at a time for mobile users. If multiple screen shares exist, select which screen share to display from the list in the mobile interface.
  • You can manually pinch to zoom in and out while viewing a screen share.
  • Screen sharing can be displayed in horizontally. Tap the zoom button on the bottom right to switch to the horizontal screen.


  • You can turn on/off your microphone/speaker while opening screen sharing.





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