[NEW UI] Managing Space Objects

Place a space object.The user privileges that can be set differ depending on the administrator settings.

Space customization permission


What is a space object

Objects refer to parts with various functions available in the space.Among them, space objects are permanent parts placed in the space by the administrator.


Installation method

1. Customize Space → Space Objects and Rooms → Click "Add Space Objects/Rooms"

2. Click the type of space object you want to place

3. Drag the object on the editing screen to determine its position



4. Enter "Object Name"

5. Select "Permission to connect to space objects" from the pull-down

Administrator Only admins can connect and edit in spaces
Member or above Administrators and members can connect and edit on the space
More than visitors Administrators, members, and visitors can connect and edit in the space


* Select the user authority that can connect objects with lines in the space and edit objects.

* Image space objects do not need to be set.(Neither user can connect or edit from the space)


6. Set other items

Please refer to the following.

meeting object

YouTube object

iframe (embedded) object

bulletin board object

image space object

LiveStream object


7. Click "Save"



  • See below for the display of grids and space objects.

    Common settings on the customization screen

  • When installing a Youtube object, select "Embed external service" in step 2 above, and select "Youtube" as the embedding service.


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