[NEW UI] Bulletin Board Object

It is an object for sharing information using text and images on the space.This object can view its contents from anywhere in the space.


Method of operation

1.Refer toSpace Object Installation and set basic items

* Select "Bulletin board" as the type of space object.


2. Specify the size in pixels in "Width and Height"

* You can also change it on the edit screen.



3. Adjust "Shear" in XY direction

It can be set in the range of -60° to 60°.

X shear angle


Y shear angle



4. Specify "background color" and its transparency

5. Specify "Frame color" and its transparency

6. Choose whether or not to have "Shadow"

With Shadow

No Shadow Screen_Shot_2023-03-22_at_1.31.09_PM.png

7. Enter "Content"

You can also insert images and URLs.

8. Click "Save"


Operations in space

You can also change the content from the space. Please refer to the following.
bulletin board object


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