[NEW UI] Image Space Object

An object that displays various contents using images in the space.


Method of operation

1.Refer to Space Object Installation and set basic items

* Select "Image Space Object" as the type of space object.



2. Enter "Image URL" or click "Upload Image" to upload a local file

3. Specify "Width and Height" in pixels

*You can also change the size on the edit screen.



4. Adjust "Shear" in XY direction

It can be set in the range of -60° to 60°.

shear angle



Y shear angle


5. Select "Option settings" from the pull-down

Select an action when clicking the image on the space.


Nothing happens.
Image popup Display another image or GIF on the space for a certain amount of time.Also set the following items.・URL of the image to be popped up ・Display time (in milliseconds)
Link Opens the specified web page.Also set the following items.・Hyperlink URL ・Necessity of “Open link in new tab”
Text Display the contents entered in the text editor.Also set the following items.·content


5. Click "Save"



  • Editing of image space objects cannot be performed from the space.

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