[NEW UI] Manage User Permissions (User List)

See who has ever accessed the space.Also, change the user's permissions.


View the User List

  1. Space settings → Click "User list"

    Items that can be checked

    • User (avatar/name/email address)
    • Authority
    • Last online date and time
    • How to authenticate your account

Change Permissions

  1. Space Settings > Click User List

  2. Click the authority of the corresponding user


  3. Select authority from pull-down


  • You can check 100 users on one page.

  • You can search for users by name and email address.


  • You can narrow down your search by using the filtering button.


  • Email addresses for users without an oVice account will not be displayed.Also, these users' privileges cannot be changed to administrators or members.

  • You can change the permissions of multiple users at once.

    Method of operation

    1. Check target audience


    2. Click "Action"


    3. Click "Change Permissions"

4. Select authority from pull-down

5. Click "Bulk Change"


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