[NEW UI] Manage New User Member Requests

Users who are not already space admins, members, or visitors may apply for member privileges at the entrance to spaces with permissions set.The administrator reviews and approves the submitted user.


Method of operation

  1. Space Settings -> Click "Waiting for Approval Users"

  2. Click "Approve" for the relevant user



  • Become a member of the following workspaces when you enter the space?The user who clicked "Apply" for is displayed in the users waiting for approval.

  • Screenshot_2023-02-18_at_7.24.23_AM.png
  • Approved users are granted member privileges.

  • If you accidentally approve it, please change the authority to guest in the user list.It is then possible to revert the user to privileges that they cannot access again.

    Check/Change Authority (User List)

  • If you want to remove a user from the list of users waiting for approval, click the trash can button.

  • The appearance of the space entrance will differ depending on access permissions and blocklist settings. Check below for details.
    List of entry error messages by access permission/block list
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