Manage Available User Tools

Manage the quick objects available to users for each permission.


What is a quick object

It refers to a tool that a user launches and uses depending on the purpose, such as conversation or screen sharing.Objects that have been activated disappear when they are no longer used, but users can freely activate them as many times as they wish.


Method of operation

  1. Space Settings -> Click Quick Objects

  2. Install all necessary objects


  3. Delete unwanted objects by clicking the trash can button.


  4. Select availability for each permission

    *For example, if you want to allow only the administrator and members to use the screen sharing object, check the following.


Megaphone volume control

A megaphone is an object that is used to make announcements to everyone.Sets the volume when this object is used.


Setting method

  1. Space Settings → Individual Quick Object Settings → Click "Megaphone"


  2. Adjust volume knob


  • Quick Objects that have been removed in this setting will not be available to all users.

  • Once deleted, quick objects can be reinstalled as needed.

  • By default , objects other than Camera and Zoom are pre-installed.

  • Unauthorized quick objects will not be displayed on the space of users with the appropriate permissions.





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