[NEW UI] Permission Inheritance (Aligning Permissions Between Floors)

I'll quote the 'Access Permissions' and 'Block List' settings for spaces on other floors.This operation is possible only when multiple spaces are set in one building (hierarchical structure).


Method of operation

  1. Space settings → Click "Access permissions" or "Block list"

  2. Click "Quote Settings"


  3. Select "Quote settings from other spaces"

  4. Enter the source domain (○○ part of https://○○.ovice.in)

  5. Click "Save"

Remove citation

  1. Space settings → Click "Access permissions" or "Block list"

  2. Click "Change Source"


  3. Select "Do not quote settings"

  4. Click "Save"


  • Even if you perform this operation, information such as the entry permission setting of the quoter will not be displayed on the administrator screen of the quoted person, but the settings will be reflected.

  • Only one space can be set as the citation source.

  • When the citation source setting is changed, the citation destination information is also changed synchronously.

  • You can check whether or not citations are set on the "Access Permissions" and "Block List" pages.



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