Subscription Payment Setup [Credit Card Payment]

We will guide you through the process of applying for credit card payments.


Note: Paid usage will start immediately after completing the process, except when there is a trial period or a payment period on the invoice. If there is a trial period or a period for which payment has been made on the invoice, it will start after the end of the period.   

Please take the following measures after the desired start date.


Set up Subscription (credit card payments)

*Only Administrators may manage account subscriptions and access billing. Check here for how to grant permissions.

1. Click the "three horizontal lines" on the upper left of the space screen and select Contract plan and payment

2. After confirming the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, check the box and click Change Plan


3. Select the desired plan and click Subscribe

[Continuation plan]
4. Enter the card information and click Apply
[Single plan]

5. The Space billing page will display your current plan and contract renewal date information



Change plan during credit card payment

1. Click Change Plan



2. Click [Change plan] on the page with billing information

3. Click [Change plan] displayed on the desired plan



4. Confirm the contents and click Change Plan




Stop credit card payment Cancellation

1. Click Change Plan


2. Click Cancel on the page with billing information



3. Check the details and click Cancel.

*1 The plan will be canceled, but you can use it with full functionality until the end of the billing period (expiration date).

*2 Refunds are not possible.

*3 After the expiration date, it will be transferred to the free plan.



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