I can't hear the other party's voice/I can't hear my voice

If you are having trouble hearing the audio, please check the following for yourself and the other party.


Confirmation procedure

  1. Leave the avatar once and approach again
  2. web browser reload
  3. Antenna check
    Antenna function
  4. Check the mute setting of the browser tab
    Right-click the browser tab and cancel "Mute Site (Mute Tab)" if it is set.
  5. browser restart
  6. device restart
  7. Use recommended environmentAbout recommended
  8. Checking the operation of the speaker
    Please check if the sound is output normally from the output device you are using on Youtube etc.
  9. Check microphone and speaker settings
  10. Check security softwareTrouble
    caused by security software/service
  11. Confirmation of network environment
    Confirm that the network environment allows communication with our server.
    Network security settings


If not resolved

Please contact our technical support with the following information.

  • OS type and version
  • Browser type and version
  • what is happening

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