Security Software/Service Issues

Problems with audio/video calls, screen sharing, and access may be caused by the security software or services you are using.


Security Services Confirmed to Affect ovice

Security service Confirmed event How to resolve
(security service with SSL communication monitoring function)
  • can't access
  • Avatar disappears
  • can't talk
  • can't share screen

As a premise, this service encrypts all data with SSL/TLS in order to prevent the risk of information leakage or falsification that may occur when using the Internet. Therefore, check the settings of the SSL communication monitoring function.

Change SSL inspection settings

Exclude the domains used in this service listed on the following pages from the monitoring targets of SSL inspection.

Network security settings

Avast Antivirus
  • can't hear each other
  • can't share screen
  1. Launch Avast Antivirus
  2. Click "Main Shield"
  3. Turn off "Web Shield"


AVG Anti-Virus
  • can't hear each other
  • can't share screen
  1. Launch AVG Anti-Virus
  2. Click "Web & Email"
  3. Turn off "Web Shield"


If not resolved

Please contact our technical support with the following information.

  • OS type and version
  • Web browser app type and version
  • what is happening



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