Finding Files for Troubleshooting (console log/HAR file) for Microsoft Edge Users

If you cannot access the space, the screen is not displayed correctly, or the screen does not work correctly even if you click on it, please obtain the two types of files by the following method and provide them to our technical support. These files are used to investigate the cause of problems.



1. Launch Microsoft Edge

2. Access a page that's causing issues

  • If you have trouble logging in, open the login screen
  • In case of trouble on the space, open the screen accessing the space

3. Access developer tools

  • For Windows, press "F12"
  • For Mac, press "⌘" + "option" + "i" at the same time

4. Reload the ovice browser tab with the developer tools open.

5. Reproduce the problem

6. After selecting "Console" in the developer tools, right-click on the screen and click "Save as..."

* The file saved in this procedure is the console log .


7. Go to "Network" in developer tools and check "Preserve log"

8. Reproduce the problem in this state and click the "⬇" icon

*The file saved by this procedure is the HAR file .



Where to Send Files

Please provide the following information to our technical support.

  • OS type and version
  • Browser type and version
  • what is happening

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