Space Management (Space)

Add, edit, and archive new spaces in your organization.


Eligible Plans

  • Team
  • Business


Number of Additional Spaces per Plan

Team 3 Spaces
Business Unlimited


Check Space

Check the space associated with the organization.

1. Select the Organization tab on the main menu


2. Organization Settings → Click Add/Archive Spaces


Add Space

1. Open Add/Archive Spaces

2. Click the Add button


3. Enter the space name and space domain

4. Select the space size and click Save

Space Size Space Dimensions
S 1200px * 640px
M 2400px * 1280px
L 4800px * 2560px



Edit Spaces

1. Open Add/Archive Spaces

2. Click the gear button of the target space


3. Edit the changes and click Save


Archiving Spaces

1. Open Add/Archive Spaces

2. Click the trash can button of the target space


3. Click Archive

*If there is only one space associated with the organization, it cannot be archived. Also, once a space is archived, it cannot be recovered.



  • Space names can be up to 255 characters long, and space domains can be up to 63 characters long.
  • The default setting for the authority in the space to which the organization owner is newly invited is "administrator".

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