Using the Real-Time Location Display Socket (ovice Go - Mobile App)

By using ovice Go and the location information display socket, you can link your current location in a real office or event venue to the space.  

How to install/link the location information display socket object

Eligible Plans

It is provided as a paid option for the following plans:

  • Team
  • Business

Starting to use the location information display socket

1. Access the target space from oviceGo

2. Allow Use Bluetooth, Use Location Information, and Run in Background displayed on the mobile device.

3. Tap Beacon on My Page 

4. Specify time to enable beacon detection

  • The default is 9:00-18:00.
  • The operating time cannot be set for each space.

5. Set space to enable beacon detection to on


6. Click Save at the top right of the screen

If office Go is started in the background in this state , it will detect the nearest beacon in the office or event venue, and automatically move the avatar in the space or enter the meeting room.



  • You need to use ovice Go version 1.9.0 or higher.
    Check version
  • If the location information display socket object is added, deleted, or edited, it is necessary to access the target space again.


Change Settings

Toggles the location display socket on and off.

1. My Page → Tap Beacon

2. Set on/off for each space

*A list of pages that have been accessed in the past from ovice Go will be displayed.


Display in ovice Go

An icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the user list for spaces with location information display sockets.



Display in Space

Offline avatar

A user detected by a beacon and whose current location in an office or event venue is displayed in the space. Avatars are displayed semi-transparent . This avatar cannot hear audio in space . If you call out to this avatar, pat it on the shoulder, or chat, the recipient user will receive a notification via ovice Go.


Online avatar

A user accessing the space from a web browser. Avatars are clearly visible.



Display in Space of Users Detected by Beacons

If you haven't accessed the space

Only the offline avatar is displayed at the position where the location information display socket object is installed.


When accessing the space

Your online avatar will access your offline avatar's location when you access the space via a web browser or ovice Go. Online and offline users overlap. Online and offline avatars move at the same time when detected by another beacon terminal in an office, etc.


When moving the avatar on the space

If you move your avatar in your web browser or enter the conference room with ovice Go, your online avatar will move, but your offline avatar will continue to be displayed in real space. If detected by another beacon terminal in the office, etc., only the offline avatar will move.


Double-clicking the offline avatar returns the online avatar to its real-space position.



Display in User List

Users detected by beacons are displayed in "real space".
user list

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