Space View (ovice Go - Mobile App)

From ovice Go, see in real time how users are moving around your space and meeting with each other.


How to Access

Tap the map icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot_20230919-111138 2.png


Operable Items

The following operations are possible on the screen.


① Return to user list

②Move to another space belonging to the same building
The user list screen for the selected space will open.

③ Participate in a conference room/meeting object
Tap the conference room or meeting object you want to participate in.
*You cannot connect to objects for which you do not have connection authority.

④Enlarge/reduce display
operations are not saved, so please perform them each time.


When connecting to an object or entering a conference room, you can perform the following operations.



  • Your avatar appears on the screen when you join a conference room or meeting object.
  • Bulletin boards and image objects are not displayed in Space View.

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