Adding New Rooms

Rooms are great places to have more private conversations or get some focus work done. Booking out rooms for team meetings also keeps them top of mind, since they'll appear on the Schedule in the space. 

Create Rooms in your space that serve your team's unique needs, and switch them up as needed. Here's how:


Access your Rooms Settings

Access the Room Settings in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Rooms in the Main Menu.



Add a New Room

Click the Add button to start a new room build.



Customize your new Room:

  1. Give it a Name
  2. Choose the Type: Meeting Room (mic and camera are allowed) or Silent Room (mic and camera setting will be turned off) 
  3. Choose Lock status

Place your new Room:

  1. Column Start and Row Start numbers refer to the grid position of the room placement. In the preview map above, your new room is represented by black squares, and your existing rooms are represented by blue squares. 
  2. Width and Height values refer to the number of grid squares the room will cover. Coincidentally, it also denoted the number of simultaneous users allowed in the room.
  3. Door placement allows for a user to drag into the room; however, users may double-click directly into the room, and users with a link may also enter directly inside the room, regardless of door location.
  4. When configured, click the Save button. 


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