Managing Your Static Objects

Static Objects are the Interactive Objects* in your space that are placed into the space by Admins for all users (with permissions) to access. All Admins may create new Static Objects, and may Edit, Deactivate, and Re-Activate as needed in the Space Settings menu. 

*If you need a refresher on Interactive Objects, refer to the article HERE


Access Your Static Object Manager

Access the Static Object Manager in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Static Object in the Main Menu. 




Creating New Static Objects

At the top of the Static Objects Manager, you may create new Static Objects using the builder. Each Static Object type is created uniquely (individual detailed instructions for each linked below), but all new Static Objects require a Type, Authority (which user roles will be permitted to interact with the Object) and Location designation in the space.  

  1. Choose a Static Object type. All Static Option types may be selected from the horizontal menu bar. See Static Object Types below for more details on each type.
  2. Choose the User Authority for the Object. All Static Objects added may have a unique user Authority: choose the user role that may interact with each Static Object from the Select Authority drop-down menu
  3. Decide where you want the Object in the space. All Static Objects may be placed exactly where you like with drag-and-drop ease: simply hover over the object and drag into position in the Preview window

The builder will place the new Object in the space near your Avatar's current location by default. A white preview of the new object will display in the map section shown. Hover over the preview to drag and reposition on the preview space. Adjust the X and Y grid coordinates of the space to move and fine-tune the placement of the object. The builder is in a separate tab from the live view of the space - click Save and return to the open space tab to view the results of your placement, and adjust as needed in the Settings tab. 





Static Object Types


This simple bulletin-board style object displays a static message to space users. It can be customized with a simple text editor, re-sized, and placed anywhere you like. This example includes linked text space Members can click on to access a new URL.

Learn more about creating a Bulletin Static Object HERE.




The Text Static Object combines Image and Bulletin functionality. Upload an image that will display in the space, and when clicked, will pop up a window with a custom message, second image, or other linked content. This example is configured to open a linked text message.

Learn more about creating a Text Static Object HERE.




Upload a static image that will display in the space, and choose the action desired when clicked. Images may be used to link users to an outside URL (in the same window or by opening a new tab), or feature an animation. This example takes the user to a link in a new tab when the image is clicked.

Learn more about creating an Image Static Object HERE.




This bucket includes some very important placeholder Objects that you want to be sure to include in your space:

  • Audio Stabilizers
  • Meeting Cameras
  • YouTube embed
  • Embedded Content
  • Livestream

Note: for best results, use objects like Audio Stabilizers to optimize connections between users for 1:1 conversations, group chats, and meetings. Sprinkle these throughout your more social areas and meeting places to facilitate higher-quality conversations for your team.


Audio Stabilizer

Place Audio Stabilizers throughout your space in common areas and shared spaces to facilitate better connectivity for audio conversations. Users who connect to the Audio Stabilizer for conversations will experience improved sound quality and connectivity. In this example, Visitors may access the Audio Stabilizer.

Learn more about creating Audio Stabilizer Static Objects HERE.



Meeting Camera

Place Meeting Cameras in shared spaces to facilitate team video chats. For group calls, one member should activate the Meeting Camera, and the rest of the Members can link to it. In this example, this Meeting Camera Object has been set up for Members.

Learn more about creating Meeting Camera Static Objects HERE.



YouTube Static Objects

Embed a YouTube link for your team or visitors to access. Place the YouTube Static Object from the Settings, and then add your preferred YouTube Link to the Object from the workspace. The links may be changed out by any user with the selected Authority from the workspace.

Learn more about creating YouTube Static Objects HERE.



Embedded Content

Embed external content from other tools, such as Google Docs, design tools, etc., to improve team collaboration. Place the Static Object in your space from Settings, and then insert the embed link from the Object from your workspace.

From the workspace, move your avatar within range of the Embed icon and select it. From the Toolbar below, choose Embedded Content from the menu, and enter the URL in the field provided. Hit Load, and your content should appear within the frame.

Learn more about creating Embedded Content Static Objects HERE.




Post quick access to Livestream links - great for live events and meetings.



Manage Existing Static Objects

All existing Static Objects are listed in the table below the builder.

Once created, your Static Objects may be edited or deleted as needed. From the Static Object view, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page (below the Object Creator) to view a table of all of your saved Static Objects. Scroll across the page → to see all of the details related to each of your objects, including active status, grid location, and more.




Activate/Deactivate Objects

In the event you wish to hide or re-add an object in the space without deleting and re-creating it each time, simply activate or deactivate it from the table. Objects in the table may be activated or deactivated in bulk. Check the box next to any object(s) you wish to activate/deactivate. Deactivated Objects will appear faded in the table.


Edit Objects

You may edit one Object at a time. Check the box next to the item you wish to edit, and click the green Edit button. The Object's settings will open, and you may change any of the original settings and the Object's location. Make your changes, and click Save.


Object Links

Static Objects in your open workspace will also have their own unique URL. You may pull the object's URL by connecting to it in the space and copying the address in the navigation window as shown below. Just as you may share a link including a specific coordinate location in the open space, you may share a link that will connect the user with a specific Static Object. This is useful for including in meeting invitations for gatherings hosted in the open workspace vs in a Meeting Room.




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