Managing Existing Rooms

Rooms may be edited, Disabled, or Re-Enabled as your team's needs evolve.


Access your Rooms Settings

Access the Room Settings in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Rooms in the Main Menu. All created Rooms appear in the table as shown:



Edit a Room

To update an existing room's size, position, type, etc., click the green Edit button to open the Editor. Make the preferred changes, and click the Save button.




Hide/Show a Room

If you have specific Rooms that are only needed periodically, you can Disable and Enable them without the need for re-creating them each time. From the table, simply click on Enable or Disable as needed.


Remove a Room

If there is no longer a use for a Room, and particularly if you need to use the grid coordinates it's occupying, you may permanently delete it from the space. Simply click the Delete button, and the grid squares will be available again. 

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