Create an Image Static Object

Upload an image that will display in the space - this can be a static image, or a gif. If you want to make the image interactive, you may choose the action desired when clicked. Images may be used to link users to an outside URL (in the same window or by opening a new tab), or may feature an animation. 

Image Static Objects are displayed freely in your space, and any user may click the image to view the text window.


Access your Static Objects Manager

Access the Static Object Manager in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Static Object in the Main (Hamburger) Menu. 



Build a Text Static Object

Set Type

Choose the Image Static Object type from the horizontal menu bar. The default first option in the Static Object Builder is the Bulletin. Click Image in the menu to toggle to the Text Static Object builder.

Note: all changes can be previewed before saving in the Preview Window at right.




Upload Image File or Hosted Image URL 

Add the image you want to display in the workspace. Upload a .png, .jpg, or .gif file, or insert the URL of a hosted image file. This will be the displayed image your workspace users will see.




Set On-Click Image URL

Choose the action you prefer when a user clicks the image in the space. 

  • Static: the image will appear in the space, but not be clickable
  • Animation: the image will appear in the space and have movement, but will not be clickable
  • Page Jump: the image is clickable, and will replace the user's current tab with the new link when clicked
  • Open Tab: the image is clickable, and will open the new link in a new tab when clicked


For Static Image Setup

This option simply displays a static image or gif file in the space that is not interactive.

  1. Simply upload or enter hosted link of the image that will display in your space as shown above, and choose the Static option from the drop-down menu.




For Animated Clickable Image Setup

This option allows you to display a primary image in the space, that will animate a secondary image overlay when clicked. Use animated images for revealing hidden messages, creating 'Easter eggs,' in your space, or just for fun.

  1. Upload or enter hosted link of the image that will display in your space as shown above, and choose the Animation option from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the On Click Image URL field, add the link to the hosted secondary image. This is the image that will be animated over top of the primary image in the space when clicked. The secondary image must be a hosted image.
  3. In the Duration of animation (Milliseconds) field, enter the amount of time you wish the secondary image to appear. When the primary image is clicked, this is the length of time the secondary image will be visible before disappearing.




For Linked Clickable Images

These static or gif images will be clickable, and serve to take the user to a web page outside of the oVice workspace. 

  1. Upload or enter hosted link of the image that will display in your space as shown above, and choose the Page Jump or Open Tab option from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the On Click Image URL field, add the link to the web page you want to redirect your users. 




Set Size Dimensions for the Primary Image

The Image will display at actual size in the space. Size the Text Image using the Width and Height value fields, or use the drag-to-resize option in the Preview Window. Adjust to accommodate the placement in the space. 




Set the Location

Finalize the placement of the Image Static Object. By default, it will be placed in the workspace near the current location of your Avatar. In the Preview window, you may drag and drop where desired. 

Alternately, you may set the location based on a specific location in the space's grid. This is helpful if aligning with other Static Objects in the space. Adjust the numbers in the X and Y axis fields to reposition where needed.




Save Your Work

Don't forget to click the Save button to make your Image Static Object live in the space!




Edit Your Image Static Object

You can view your new Image Static Object in the Static Objects table, located just below the builder. Edit or Disable/Enable as needed. 

Note: Editing from the workspace is not an option for any user. Image Static Object copy must be edited from the Static Object Manager. 




What the User Experiences in the Space

Admin/Member/Visitor/Guest Experience

Because there is no specific User Authorization for an Image Static Object, any user in the workspace will be able to view and/or click to interact with the Image Static Object. In the example below, the user is interacting with a Page Jump clickable Image.


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