The Screenshare Quick Object

Sometimes you just have to see it - share your screen in oVice instantly, with no need for outside tools or creating links! Best of all, you can share more than one window at a time (unlike those other guys). Happy sharing! 


Meet the Screenshare Object

Screen Sharing is facilitated by the Screen Share Object. Simply open a Screen share Quick Object, and anyone who connects to it will be able to see your shared content.

Screen sharing is also available in meeting rooms.


Start Sharing

1. Launch screen sharing

For Space Using Quick Objects
For Meeting Rooms

Click the screen sharing button that appears in the menu at the bottom of the screen

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 2.17.16 PM.png

2. Select screen to share

Whole Screen The entire device screen
Window Select one of the open windows
Tab Select one of the web browser tabs


3. Select whether to share system audio

If you check the checkbox displayed at the bottom left of the popup, the audio of the terminal will also be shared.


Whether system or tab audio can be shared depends on the OS.

Shared Content Windows     Mac    
Whole screen
Chrome tab


4. Click "Share"


How to Browse

As you approach the scope of the object, a window will launch allowing you to view your screen share. Connect to an object if you want to have a conversation.



    • When a user with their microphone turned on double-clicks on the shared screen of a space, the clicked point will be displayed as a red circle on the screen of all users watching.


    • Users connected to the object can communicate with other users using the microphone and live avatar. Switch each one on in the control toolbar as necessary.
    • A single user can launch up to 5 screen sharing objects at the same time.
    • Multiple users can launch multiple screen sharing objects at the same time.
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