What's On the Menu: Where to Find Your Tools

Various functions of ovice are operated from the following menu screens.


Main Menu (upper left hamburger menu)

To open the main menu, click the hamburger icon on the top left of the screen.

Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 10.27.17 PM.png


Space Tab

Space Settings

Visible to admins (or members with permission to view the user list ). Perform basic space settings and user management.
Administrator's guide (setup)


Customize your Space

Visible to admins (or members with space customization permissions ). Set up layouts and space objects.
Admin Guide (Space Customization)


Plans & Billing

Only visible to Entry-S, Entry-M, and one-time plan administrators. Confirm the contract plan and payment method.
Learn More


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Help Center

Visit our Help Center.
Check Help Center


Support Request

Visible to administrators and members. Open the contact form. (The display language depends on the language of the profile setting .)


Leave the Space

Exit the space and return to the lobby.


Organization Tab

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Organization Settings

Only visible to Organization Owners on Team and Business plans. Add space, etc.
Organization settings


Plans and Billing

Only visible to Organization Owners on Team and Business plans. Confirm the contract plan and payment method.



Only visible to organization owners on the Team and Business plans. Analyze space user activity.


Horizontal Menu (upper right)

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Check the connection strength status with the antenna icon.
Antenna function


Notification Center

Click the bell button to open the notification center. Check the list of notification history received on ovice.
Notification center


User List

Click the human button to open the user list. Search, chat, and invite people in your space.
user list



Click the calendar button to open the schedule. You can check the reservation status of conference rooms and make new reservations. (Administrators and members only)
Schedule management



Click the speech bubble button to open the chat. Send chats and check received chats.


Control Toolbar (bottom center)

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Click the status button to toggle between statuses.
status switch


Microphone/Audio Button

Click the microphone button to toggle the microphone on or off.
voice conversation


Live Avatar

Allow your avatar to display your live video camera image.
live avatar


Personal Settings

Click the gear button to open your personal settings.
open personal settings


Reaction Menu

Click the emoticon button to react.


Quick Object Menu

Click the plus button to launch the quick object menu. The quick objects displayed depend on administrator settings . 
Using Quick Objects


Navigation Menu (bottom right)

Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 10.48.31 PM.png

Mini Map

Click the tri-fold map button to open the minimap.
Use the minimap


Current Location

To check your location in the space, click the My Location button.
Check your current location


Zoom Display

Use the + and - buttons to adjust the display by enlarging or reducing the space.
Zoom display function


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