Setting the Space Identity

The first thing an Owner/Admin may want to set up is the Space Identity, or a bit of branding - giving it a Name, uploading a Logo Image, etc. This is done by accessing Space Settings > Setting > Space in the Main Menu. 

*Note: Always scroll up and click on the Save button after making any changes from the settings page, located at the top right of the Space Setting page.



Space ID

Your Space ID Number is a unique identifier for your space, and will never change even as you update your Domain. The Space ID is located at the very top right of your Space Settings, and is labeled ID CODE: xxxxxxxx


Space Domain

Your space will come with a pre-generated alphanumeric Domain. In your links, it is the string that comes before the in the URL. You may customize the Space Domain to reflect your Space Name, company, or Event name.

Warning: changing the Space Domain will affect your links. If you have already issued user invitations to your space, those will no longer be valid links. 


Space Name

Give your space a Name - this is what will show at the top of your space for all of your users to see. Changing toe Space Name does not affect your domain or links in any way. 


Space Description

Add a Description to your space to let your users know a bit more about it, or what to expect coming in. The Description will be visible to users in the Lobby. 


Space Logo

Upload a Logo image to customize your space's branding!  The logo image will appear in the top menu bar, to the left of the Space Name (replacing the default oVice logo image). 

Recommended file formats are .png, .jpg, .jpeg. Vector images are ideal.


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