Manage your Privacy Settings

An important decision for the Owner/Admin to make is whether to make the space Public or Private. Privacy Settings determine how easily users are able to access the space, and there are several options available to help customize the experience. Access the Privacy Settings in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Space in the Main Menu. 

*Note: Always scroll up and click on the Save button after making any changes from the settings page, located at the top right of the Space Setting page.



Allow Operators to Access Your Space

This setting will determine whether or not our support teams can access your space to assist you. We recommend leaving this set to Allow, at least during your initial setup and onboarding phase, so we may more easily jump in to help if needed. 

You may set an End Date for the allowed access in the Date Field if you like!


Set the Space Type

This setting determines whether your space is Private or Public. 

  • A Public Space is accessible to anyone with your unique link. 
  • A Private Space requires an additional layer of approved access to the space, even with a direct link.



If you choose to make your space Private, you will see additional options appear. 

  • Choose whether or not to require a Knock at entry.
  • Choose from several Knock or RIng notification sounds.
  • Choose which of your registered users will both hear and be able to respond to a new Knock (request for entry to the space). 
  • If you choose to disable the knock (Don't Knock), users will be required to send a request to be added to the workspace (Requests will be found in the Waiting for Approval Page). Learn more HERE

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