Manage your Space's Audio Settings

Audio settings determine the overall sound defaults for the space. Space Owner/Admins may choose whether new visitors' mics are on or off when they first enter into the space, as well as set the starting volume of the Megaphone feature in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Space in the Main Menu. 



New Visitor's Mic

Have new visitors' microphones turned on (Allow) or off (Deny) by default when accessing the space for the first time. Once in, the Visitor may toggle their own mic on or off as they prefer. Many Admins prefer to set the default to on to help new Visitors acclimate more quickly to the space (without trying to find mic settings to communicate right away).


Megaphone Volume

Set the default Megaphone volume for the Space by moving the slider up or down. This will be the volume setting for all users in a space when a Megaphone announcement is made. Learn more about the Megaphone Dynamic Object HERE

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