Manage your Workspace's Webhooks

Webhooks are frequently used to connect tools and trigger notifications. Unfortunately, the oVice connection for Slack has been deprecated by Slack, but users may still create webhooks using other tools, such as Google Chat Spaces.



Trigger notifications off of users' activity in the Space:

  • entering the space
  • entering a room
  • setting status to away
  • setting status to returned
  • leaving the space
  • receiving a knock
  • public chat posted

To create a Webhook, click the Add button, and refer to the instructions linked below:


Google Chat Webhook Instructions

Learn more about how to create Webhook notifications using Google Chat Spaces, see our documentation HERE.


Slack Webhook Instructions

Though deprecated, we do have many users that are still grandfathered in. If you are still using a deprecated Slack webhook in your space, you can access the old documentation HERE


Personal Webhooks

Individuals may set webhooks based on their personal registered user account from their Personal Profile Settings. Learn more about setting up Personal Webhooks HERE

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