Cancel Your Subscription

We hate to see you go! If you find you must close your oVice account, you may do so from the Space Billing area of the Space Settings (Space Settings > Other > Space Billing in the Main Menu). 


Go to Space Billing, and click on Change Plan to access Billing Settings.



On your current Plan, click on the Cancel button.



Click Cancel again to confirm.




Once saved, your subscription will be canceled. You will still be able to use your space without limitations until the end date (expiration date) of the billing period. When reaching the expiration date, you will be transferred to Freemium.

*Note: Refunds are not available for prorated or unused spaces.


The plan will be canceled, but you can use it with full functionality until the end of the billing period (expiration date).

No refunds will be given. 

After the expiration date, it will be transferred to the free plan.


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