Space Logs

Looking for user access data in your Space? Turn to the Space Log - the running list of online/offline user activity by all users in your Space. The Space Log lists users' provided Username, Email Address (if provided), date & time of activity, IP Address, and activity type (Online, Offline, Enter/Exit Room, etc), and more. Export, resort, and create your own custom user activity reports!


Access the Space Logs

Access the Space Logs in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Other > Space Logs in the Main Menu. 


Search the Space Logs

If you know a specific Identifier number, you may search for it in the search bar. Currently, the Search is not able to accommodate a name or email address search.


Download a CSV

Export Space Log data via CSV, and resort it to create your own custom reports. Filter by Users' Email Addresses or IP Addresses to create activity reports per user, or track room usage each month.

Click on the Download CSV File button, and choose the Date & Time range you wish to export. The file will export to your Downloads. Logs within the last calendar year may be exported.




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