Create an Audio Stabilizer Static Object

Place Audio Stabilizers throughout your space in common areas and shared spaces to facilitate better connectivity for audio conversations. Users who connect to the Audio Stabilizer for conversations will experience improved sound quality and connectivity. In this example, Visitors may access the Audio Stabilizer.


Access your Static Objects Manager

Access the Static Object Manager in the Space Settings Menu:  Space Settings > Setting > Static Object in the Main (Hamburger) Menu. 



Build an Audio Stabilizer Static Object

Set Type

Choose the Other > Audio Stabilizer  Static Object type from the horizontal menu bar. The default first option in the Static Object Builder is the Bulletin. Click Other in the menu and choose Audio Stabilizer from the drop-down menu.

Note: all changes can be previewed before saving in the Preview Window at right.



Set User Authority

Choose the User Authority for this Audio Stabilizer Static Object. Some Static Objects may be given a unique user Authority: choose the user role that may interact with each Static Object from the Select Authority drop-down menu.

For an Audio Stabilizer Static Object, a user given Authority will have the option to not only see the content, but also to edit the content right from the open workspace. Choose Admin as the Authority option, for example, and all users in the space may view the linked content, but only Admins can also edit the content link.



Set the Location

Finalize the placement of the Audio Stabilizer. By default, it will be placed in the workspace near the current location of your Avatar. In the Preview window, you may drag and drop where desired. 

Alternately, you may set the location based on a specific location in the space's grid. This is helpful if aligning with other Static Objects in the space. Adjust the numbers in the X and Y axis fields to reposition where needed.



Save Your Work

Don't forget to click the Save button to make your Object live in the space




Set the Range of the Meeting Camera Static Object

Choose how far the reach of the Object extends by setting the range. Any workspace user's Avatar that comes within the set range will experience the Object's Sub-Canvas Window opening and will be shown the content.

Within the Object's Sub-Canvas, click on the numerical drop-down to adjust the range (indicated by the Object's surrounding gray circle).




Editing Your Audio Stabilizer Static Object

You can view your new Audio Stabilizer Static Object in the Static Objects table, located just below the builder. Edit or Disable/Enable as needed.  

Admins or users with assigned Authority may also edit the content link in the workspace (see below).




What the User Experiences in the Space

All users with the set Authorization in the workspace will be able to use the Audio Stabilizer Object. The Object's Sub-Canvas Window will automatically open on their screen, and they will be able to connect for stable audio-only conversations.



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