Take a Break

Topping off your coffee? Walking the dog? Sometimes you just need to step away - you're not exactly available at the moment, but you're still in the building, so to speak. Let your team know you'll BRB by setting your status as Away


Access the Take a Break Feature

From the Top Horizontal Menu Bar, click the Coffee Cup Icon to open the Take a Break option window.  If you're ready to step away, click the Take a Break button. 




Set an Away Message (Optional)

If you like, you can leave a message for your team to let them know what you're up to, or when you'll be back at your desk. To leave an Away message, add your message in the Memo field (up to 50 characters), and click SET YOUR AWAY MESSAGE.




When your status is set to Away, your Avatar appears below the open workspace, and your user name appears in the Away area of the User List Pane. If you set an Away message, it will appear to other users on hover over your avatar, and previewed under your user name in the User List.




The Away window remains on your desktop until you return.

Away users are not offline, and do not create offline/online entries in the Space Logs. Learn more about Space Logs HERE.


Return from Break

To rejoin to Active user status, simply click either the I'M BACK FROM BREAK button or the Leave Arrow icon in the Top Horizontal Menu Bar. 




  • You can chat with other users during a break
  • Up to 5 Away Messages are saved for re-use


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