Preferred Browsers

The oVice platform is web-based, and works best on the most current version of Chrome. Please refer to the chart below for the full listing of supported browsers:


Browser Windows OS Mac OS Android (Mobile) iOS (Mobile)


Recommended Recommended Available Not Supported
Safari N/A Available N/A Available
Firefox Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended
Edge Ver79.0.309.65 or later Ver79.0.309.65 or later Not Supported Not Supported
Opera Available Available Not Recommended Not Recommended
Internet Explorer Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported


Please note:

  • Smartphones/tablets are not recommended devices for using the oVice Web App
  • Some functions may not work with web browsers other than Chrome on PCs
  • 3 Mbps network is required to use the oVice Web App
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