Hierarchical Structure (Building)

By making multiple spaces under contract into a building structure, you will be able to move freely between spaces.


Eligible Plans

  • Team
  • Business
  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Expo



In the hierarchical structure, the elevator is displayed on the left side of the screen, and it is possible to check the current floor.



Check Building Information

Hovering the cursor over the elevator will display information about the building.

①Building name

② Current floor

③Other floors



Moving Floors

Move the cursor to the elevator and click on the space you want to move, or use the up and down arrow buttons displayed on the elevator to move one floor up or down.



User Search

It is possible to search for users on all floors using the user search in the user list . Only administrators and members can use the search and the users displayed in the search results. Users on other floors are matched by their last updated display name.


Add/Modify/Delete Buildings

When using the Team/Business plan:

To add or change buildings, check the following.
Space management (building)


When using one-time plan:

Please contact our customer support with the following information after obtaining approval from the administrator of all spaces or the building administrator .

  • Building name (For new addition, desired building name)
  • Each space domain and desired floor number
    (example) 3F domain name, 2F domain name, 1F domain name


Customer Support Window

Support Request Form



  • This procedure is only possible if you have contracted for multiple spaces. If you have not contracted for multiple spaces, please apply for a new space.
  • One space per floor.
  • Space sizes on each floor can be freely combined.
  • A space cannot belong to multiple buildings.
  • One space cannot be placed on multiple floors.  
  • There is no administrative fee for hierarchical structuring (building).
  • The building name can be changed. If you wish to do so, please contact ovice customer support.



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