[NEW UI] Edit Existing Rooms

Edit or delete a room that has already been created.The authority to install and edit depends on the administrator settings.
Space customization permission


Method of operation

Customize Space → Space Objects and Rooms → Click "Edit Space Objects/Rooms"


Change room information/location

Click each room name.See below for items that can be edited.
Setting up a conference room


Show/hide space

This is a setting to hide a room that is not used temporarily from the space and use it again later. To switch, click the display switch button.



Click the trash can button. A room once deleted cannot be restored.




  • See below for the display of grids and space objects.
    Common settings on the customization screen

  • You can edit multiple rooms at once.

  • Editable items
  • Show/hide switch
  • Delete
  • Method of operation
  • Check the target conference room (space objects can also be selected at the same time)
  • Select the edit content from the "Select Action" pull-down
  • Click "Save"

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