[NEW UI] External service linkage (Using web hooks)

Set web hooks triggered by entering/leaving the space, chat, etc., and receive notifications from external services.

Configurable trigger

Trigger When to receive notifications
Online When entering the space
Online When you leave the space
Entering a room When entering the room
Leave the room When you leave the room
Leave seat When you leave
Return from away When you return from leaving
Leave memo When leaving a note while away
Intercom When I received the intercom
Public chat When a public chat is sent in an open space


Cooperation with each service





Gmail (using Zapier)


Google Chat


Chat work (using Zapier)

Preferences for triggers and notifications
  1. Connect oVice and Zapier
  1. Connect Zapier and Chatwork



Post data settings

Please refer to the following.
Webhook post data

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