About Memory Consumption/Communication Volume

Approximate Memory Consumption

It is designed to be 150MB or less, but it may be 150MB to 1GB depending on the device and communication environment.


Approximate Communication Usage

The maximum amount of data that can be sent and received in one communication is 10MB. Approximately 3 Mbps is assumed for video transmission.

  • Mute state without moving icon with space: 1MB/1 hour
  • Mainly used for voice calls: 1GB/day
  • Mainly used for screen sharing and video calls: 3-5GB/day
  • Using screen sharing and voice calls on a 4G line: 150-162MB/30 minutes
  • Use location information socket in ovice Go: few KB/move


Approximate Memory Consumption and Communication Usage when Holding an Event

This is a reference value when watching other users' screen sharing, audio, and video while muted.

Sample: 10 people

Delivery of camera video: Up to 4 people

Screen sharing: up to 2 screens

Number of Participants Consumed Memory Average Average Communication Usage per Hour
about 300 people about 450MB about 640MB
about 600 people about 450MB about 1GB



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