Past Server Failure Report

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Reports before June 2021

Date Occurrence Restoration Phenomenon Cause
2021/06/14 16:00 16:30
P2P communication became unstable, and conversation in open space became impossible.
Voice communication was possible when launching an object (speaker, meeting, etc.) or entering a conference room.
This event occurred due to the pressure on the server due to the accumulation of logs.
It was resolved by clearing the log cache.
2021/03/30 11:00 19:30 Chat, objects, and conference rooms became unstable, and there was a situation where they did not work properly unless they were refreshed (reloaded), including the management screen.
Due to the memory upper limit of the server program not being set correctly, an exceptional memory shortage occurred and accesses were concentrated on the single server.
As a result, some users were affected by the above phenomenon.
In addition, since the instance of the relevant server was not working properly, we prepared an alternative server and rebuilt it.
We have taken action to prevent the same issue from reoccurring.
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