01/20/2023 Updates on the "Contract Plan and Payment" Screen

Due to issues with various updates on the "Contract Plan and Payment" screen, we have reverted back to the previous version until the problem is fixed. 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who have already accessed the new screen.
Due to this change, the contents are as follows:

About credit card payment

  • Stop accepting payments with a 12-month payment cycle
  • Resume accepting cancellations of paid plans for the space you use on the "Contract plan and payment" screen

About contract type names

  • Renamed "subscription" and "one-time" to the former "continuous plan" and "single-time plan"

About the plan name of one-time (single-time plan)

  • Renamed "Basic", "Standard" and "Organization" to former "Meetup", "Conference" and "Exhibition"
Please be assured that we have confirmed that there have not been any issues with payments made on the new "Contract Plan and Payment" screen.
We will post the details of the re-release of this update here.

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