May 1, 2023 Regarding the release of the new subscription (continuous plan) fee structure and new plan

As we announced the other day, we released a new subscription (continuous plan) usage fee structure and plan for ovice today.

Target: Customers who apply for a new subscription (continuous plan) after May 1,

2023 We are pleased to inform you that we have started offering “Team” and “Business”, which are new plans for each user ID.

In addition, we have provided three plans for usage fee per space: Basic / Standard / Organization. It was offered in two plans. Please see the price list

For details on the new prices and features provided for each plan . For customers who are already using a subscription (continuous plan) Customers who are currently contracting and using a subscription (continuous plan) The new rate plan will be applied to contracts after November 1, 2023. We are planning to update. We will inform you about the plans you are currently subscribed to and the new plans you will be transitioning to in late May or early June 2023.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please let us know using the form below.
ovice inquiry form

Thank you for your continued patronage of ovice.

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