Intercom Function

In the private space, use the intercom function to access the space. Whether or not to use the intercom function is set by the administrator.
Intercom settings


Call by Intercom

A user without administrator, member, or visitor privileges uses the intercom to request access to the space.

1. Access the space

2. Click Call

*Users who are already members or visitors can access the space without this screen being displayed .


3. People in the space respond

if access is granted Access a space or designated meeting room .
when a call is initiated

Have a voice conversation with the answering user in the space.
Click "End call" to return to the calling screen without accessing the space. If you want to access it , please click "Call" again.


Access Denied Unable to access space and return to calling screen.



answering the intercom

A user in the space with permission to answer answers the intercom.

1. Select "Reply" from the message displayed at the top of the screen


2. Select response method Screenshot_2023-05-09_at_9.50.33_PM.png

① [Optional] Make a call Make a voice call with the other party before selecting access .
② Deny access The other party cannot access the space and returns to the "call" screen.
③ Allow access

The other party accesses the specified guidance destination .

1. Select a workspace or meeting room in "Select destination"
2. Click "Allow entry"


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