June 14, 2023 Notice of ovice Privacy Policy Update and Establishment of ovice Subprocessor Agreement

We have revised the ovice privacy policy and established the ovice subprocessor agreement. Please see below for the main changes and full text.


ovice Privacy Policy

Revision date: Tuesday, June 14, 2023

* Please note that the revised privacy policy is in effect from Tuesday, June 13, 2023, regardless of the publish date on our website.


Major Changes


(New Policy)


(New Policy

Article 5 Third Party Provision of Personal Data

Deleted the following sentence from Paragraph 1 of this Article in order to clarify the relationship with Article 7 (Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties Located in Foreign Countries):

(“third party” does not include any third party in a foreign country and the same will be applicable in this Article.)

Article 6 Third-Party Service Providers Clarified the wording of Paragraph 1 of this Article, and added a provision regarding the newly-enacted "ovice Subprocessor Terms and Conditions" as Paragraph 2 of the same Article.
Deleted Google Analytics Deleted the provision regarding Google Analytics (Article 9 of the old Policy), and provided Google Analytics in the "ovice Subprocessor Terms and Conditions ".


Revised ovice Privacy Policy

Please see the full text below:

ovice Privacy Policy


ovice Subprocessor Terms

Enactment date: Tuesday, June 14, 2023

Please see the full text below.

ovice Subprocessor Terms

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