August 01, 2023 ovice Terms of Service Revision Notice

We have revised our ovice Terms of Use. Please note key changes below.


Revisions Effective as of Friday, September 1, 2023

* Complete updates on the website may be delayed. Please note that the revised terms of use will apply from September 1, 2023 (Friday) regardless.


Major Changes to the oVice Terms of Service

Article (New Covenant)






Added subsidiaries and affiliates as included in oVice, Inc.

Article 4

Execution of Service Agreement

Clarified that the entity entering into a Service Agreement with an Applicant may change depending on the payment method but the entity providing the Service remains unchanged.

Article 5

Trial Period and Treatment after Termination of Trial Period

Fine-tuned some wording on the Freemium Use, and clarified measures to be taken after the termination of a Service Agreement.

Article 7

Contract Period for Paid Use

Added a provision that the Company periodically checks the number of Users subject to billing as provided in a paid Service Agreement with a Subscriber and if there is an excess in the number, the Company may charge the Subscriber for additional usage fees.

In addition, clarified measures to be taken after the termination of a paid Service Agreement with a Subscriber.

Article 13

Fee and Payment Method

Minor tweaks and clarifications to some wording.

Article 25

Compliance with Export Laws

It has been clarified that if the Contractor or User violates the obligations set forth in this Article, the Company will suspend the provision of the Service to the Contractor or User and terminate the Service Agreement.


Revised oVice Terms of Service and SLA

Please see the full text below.


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