September 01, 2023 ovice Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy Revisions

We have revised the ovice privacy policy and established an ovice cookie policy. Please see below for the main changes and links to complete policies.


ovice Privacy Policy

Revision date: Friday, September 1, 2023

* Please note that the revised privacy policy will apply from Friday, September 1, 2023, regardless of time of notification release.


Major Changes

Text (New Policy) Item (New Policy) Changes
Article 3
Article 4
Purpose of use of personal information/change of purpose of use For clarity, some wording in Section 3 has been moved to Section 4 (the content of the provisions remains unchanged).
Article 5 Provision of personal data to third parties We have further clarified paragraph 2 of this article.
Article 8 Handling of cookies, etc. We have established a new ovice cookie policy, so we have deleted the content stipulated in the policy from this section and provided a link to the policy.
Article 14 Revision of privacy policy For important changes to this privacy policy, we will notify users in advance of the revision. Accordingly, Article 14 has been clarified as a whole.


Revised ovice Privacy Policy

See full Policy text below:
ovice privacy policy


ovice Cookie Policy

Enactment date: Friday, September 1, 2023

See full Policy text below:
ovice cookie policy


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