Network Information

In order to use oVice, you need to pass the following basic tests.


Conducting WebRTC tests

The Web RTC test confirms that the TCP/UDP protocols necessary for using the service can be communicated normally.

1. Run WebRTC Test

Click on the following URL, select your Audio and Video devices, then click "START".

URL:WebRTC Testing


2. Check Test Results

Please refer to the following and confirm that the result is successful where required.
WebRTC test result confirmation

URL: WebRTC Results


Conducting WebSocket Tests

This test confirms that the Websockets used by this service operate normally.
1. Run the Websockets Test

Click on the following URL, select your Audio and Video devices, then click "START".

URL:Websockets Test

2. Confirm that "Work for You!" is displayed at the top of the screen
 If the result is different from the above, please contact the person in charge of the information system and prepare an environment where Websocket can be used.


Security Settings

You need to configure security settings in the following cases:

  • You have security settings on your company or home network (firewall, VPN, proxy, security software, etc.)
  • WebRTC test result failed a required item

Setting method (partial match specification)
Please register the following domain/port/IP addresses:

  • / TCP(443)
  • / TCP(443, 10000-65535), UDP(443, 10000-65535)
  • / TCP(443) 

*If you are controlling by IP address, it is also necessary to register the IP address (see table below):

Setting method (FQDN specification)
Please register the following domain/port/IP address:


Protocol Port Domain IP Address Link Remarks
TCP (HTTPS) 443 <your-domain> CDN

Japanese Demo Space English Demo Space Korean Demo Space TCP Demo Space
UDP or TCP 10000 - 65535 + 443 UDP + TCP Demo Space



  • TCP:443 must always be set.
  • UDP:10000-65535 is recommended as much as possible to use stable service, but it is not essential. If you do not open the UDP port, be sure to test the operation of each function in the space trial environment.
  • If you want to add or change a domain or IP address, you will be notified in advance by e-mail. Regarding the IP address of the CDN, we cannot detect additions or changes and notify them in advance.


If none of your tests have failed, but you are experiencing problems, please inform us about the following items.

Information we'll need:

  1. Screenshot of WebRTC results
  2. Use of VPN
  3. Use of proxy
  4. Use of firewalls
  5. Device and browser type

You can send us answers here.



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