Network Security Settings

This article describes the network environment settings required to use ovice. If any of the following apply to your current setup, please configure your network settings as outlined in this article:

  • Security settings using firewalls, VPNs, proxies, security software, etc. are implemented on the company and home networks.
  • Required items failed in WebRTC connection diagnosis
  • You cannot access our demo space ( ), or even if you access it, communication is interrupted intermittently.


Network Settings (Partial Match/Wildcard)

Please register the domain/port/IP address below.

  • * / TCP(443)
  • * / TCP(443), UDP(443, 10000-65535)
  • * / TCP(443)

If your environment uses IP address control, you will also need to register the IP address .
IP address list


Network Settings (FQDN Specification Method)

Please register the domain/port/IP address below.

Protocol Port Domain IP Address
TCP (HTTPS) 443 <your-domain>





10000 -6 5535


Using Websockets

This service uses a communication protocol called Websocket. Please check whether Websocket works properly in your usage environment.
Websocket test



  • TCP:443 must be set.
  • UDP:443, 10000-65535 is recommended to be set as much as possible in order to use stable service, but it is not required. If you do not open the UDP port, please be sure to test the operation of each function in our demo space .
  • If you wish to add or change a domain or IP address, we will provide advance notice. Regarding CDN IP addresses, we cannot detect additions or changes and provide advance notice.


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