December 15, 2022

oVice Web App (on Mobile)

UIUX Improvement
  • Make the ENTER button always visible by fixing the button display at the bottom of the view (For user who use mobile or who have small browser size to ENTER without scrolling down)


oVice GO Mobile App

v1.3.3 released

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved battery usage when using beacon
  • Performance improvements
  • Added a button on the space list screen to go to a page where space names can be specified
  • Display a toast to warn the user to go to the background during a meeting
  • Added chat time display as “~ minutes (or hours, days) ago”.
  • Added ability to load additional chat list
  • Changed red circle indicating offline to gray
  • Added link to request form on My Page
  • Added link to Help Center on My Page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with webRTC disconnecting when everyone is muted while the app is in the background during a meeting on iOS
  • Fixed bug where email addresses and passwords could not be saved
  • Fixed bug in which the proximity sensor was not enabled in the meeting room and the screen did not dim
  • Fixed bug where only “or” was displayed in spaces where SAML was not set
  • Fixed bug in the message input box on the chat page
  • Fixed bug that prevented some models from making voice calls with Android 9 or lower
  • Fixed bug that the chat list disappears when a user enters or exits a meeting room even if the user remains in the room
  • Changed to initialize after OTA update check is completed
  • Fixed bug where notifications could be received even when notifications are turned off
  • Fixed bug with chat remaining in meeting room immediately after moving from the meeting room.
  • Fixed bug in which the chat window did not automatically scroll to the latest message when the volume of chats was too large for the first time.
  • Fixed bug in which the number of people in a meeting room and avatar images were affected by the user search refinement function.
  • Fixed bug where messages with line breaks in the PC version were not broken.
  • Fixed bug where DM sent by the user would disappear after re-logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard could not be closed when there was no chat.
  • Fixed bug where automatic updates would fail and the application would repeatedly refresh.
  • (Android only) Fixed bug where the keyboard would hide the input field when entering text on the chat page.
  • (Android only) Fixed bug that the text being typed disappears when the @ button is pressed after selecting a user from the mentions list.
  • Fixed bug that the SAML button did not appear after entering a subdomain, even in spaces where SAML is set.

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