January 10, 2023

oVice Web App

New Features & Improvements
  • The screen will move to the position of the object when select from the object list
Specification Changes
  • Add confirmation popup for grid display on the customize page
  • Localization modification
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that when change the resolution of the screen share, the screen is blackout


oVice GO Mobile App

v1.5.0 released


New Features & Improvements

  • Display of unconnected users within the meeting object range.
  • Added the ability to lock meeting room.
  • Implemented reaction functionality.
  • Added the ability to remember the previously entered domain to the space domain entry screen
  • Changed so that beacon detection works even when the application is not running.
  • Changed beacon object detection to detect beacon objects in spaces that have been entered before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that speaker mode would be deactivated when everyone in the meeting was muted.
  • Fixed bug that the Emoji list would open and close when touching the chat list while the list of pictograms was being displayed
  • Fixed an issue with language setting.
  • Fixed issue with exiting from meeting object when network is switched
  • Fixed behavior of mention chat function

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