January 26, 2023

oVice Web Application

New Features
  • Zoom in/out feature on open space
  • Min: 10%
  • Max: 200%
UIUX Changes
  • Update message sent to receiver when user use the shoulder tap feature
  • Add explanation tooltip for the network indicator
  • Update the position of the 'Update away message' button on Coffee Break modal
※The following is for the new UI only.
  • Update localization for the new setting and customize page
Bug fixing
  • Fixed a bluetooth-related audio issue that cannot hear anything for a moment when user turn mic ON/OFF


oVice Go Mobile App

v1.5.4 released


New Features & Improvements

- Date added to the time of receipt on the notification list screen
- Added support for chat-enabled permissions added in the new setting screen
- Improved placeholder in space name entry field
- Adjusted gaps around SAML icons to improve appearance**


Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with force close on chat screen
- Fixed issue with no sound coming out of Bluetooth audio device when using reaction function while a Bluetooth audio device is connected
- Fixed issue where mentions were disappearing when the app was put in the background while entering a mentions and then returned to the foreground
- Fixed issue with being able to see notifications and mention chats of another account you have logged in to
- Fixed issue with Push notifications being sent twice
- Fixed issue where the toast being called out to the other user would not be displayed the first time when calling out while not in a meeting
- Fixed issue where beacon detection would stop on iOS
- Fixed issue where the screen would go dark when trying to touch the screen while in a meeting room with Bluetooth earphones connected
- Fixed issue where moving through the building floor would fail.
- Fixed issue where the input would be incorrect if @ is erased using the back key.
- Fixed issue where Mention Chat would disappear from the list when the app was put in the background and returned

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